Bernie Sanders, Champion of Tax Fairness, often “the lone voice in the Senate”

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The robbery of our money by the wealthy and corporations and the placing of a heavier tax burden on regular people is one of the key drivers of class warfare in this country. When corporations and the wealthy hide money and/or use gimmicks to avoid paying a fair share of taxes, we all end up paying more–or the basic services of a decent society collapse.

Bernie Sanders “has been the lone voice in the Senate fighting for legislation that would ensure that corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share,” according to Citizens Tax Justice, the leading voice for tax justice in the nation.

The President’s Tax Props: Relatively Meek, Pollster-Driven, Discriminatory, Long-Term Bleh

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In the midst of the Greek chorus demanding that everyone salute in awe and reverence to the tax proposals set to be unveiled in stage-managed “don’t actually look behind the curtain” fashion, it’s worth a pause to consider what these ideas mean in the big picture of class warfare and the crumbling of the country: meek stuff, clearly driven by the very Democratic/liberal pollsters who got the country into the mess in the first place by being cowards, a bit discriminatory and just long-term…bleh…

Not Bad Work: Dodging $200 Million In Taxes

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I often hear the refrain that billionaires and corporations just use legal tax gimmicks to avoid paying a fare share in taxes, and that if you want to hold someone accountable, point your finger at the politician who votes for the tax loopholes that makes tax dodging legal and possible. I get the politician’s responsibility–but only up to a point. Because there is a morality issue at stake here…uh, oh yeah, morality and business don’t coincide, as John Malone proves.

Tim Cook Should Stop Hiding Billions In Taxable Profits From The People, Gay & Straight

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I am of two minds about Tim Cook’s public declaration that he is gay. On the one hand, good for him if he thinks that it emboldens other people to not be afraid of their sexual preference being known publicly. On the other hand, if the message is that, you, too can come out but only once you are the CEO of one of the most powerful corporations in the world–and you can do all that while fleecing the U.S. government of billions of dollars in revenue…well, it’s a moment to pause and consider.

Bad And Worse

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While everyone is focused on the polls and the dwindling chances of the Democrats to hold the Senate, on the tax policy front, it’s just horrendous, with the choices in the upcoming lame duck session of Congress verging from “bad” to “very bad”.

The Internet Doesn’t Need Tax Breaks

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Every company and every industry runs around yelling, like a little child, “I’m special” and, so, don’t tax me. And Congress just falls all over itself to pass one dumb tax break after another. Here’s the dumb one regarding the Internet.

Bi-Partisan Dumbness

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When it comes to taxes, neither party has an exclusive claim to dumbness. Bi-partisanship on taxes is pretty common–and over the years it’s one of the central reasons we have such a deep hole in the public till. And it just keep coming.

Fortune 500 Stashing $2 TRILLION Overseas, Dodging $550 Billion In Taxes, The People Pay The Tab

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Big money. Two trillion dollars. If you could touch it, it would reach…oh, I dunno, I’m not going to tell you how high that stack would go and, actually, the point is, you can’t touch it: it’s stashed overseas. In corporate bank accounts. But, here’s the beauty: if you want to know what it feels when the Fortune 500 fleece the country to the tune of $550 billion in dodged taxes on that $2 trillion hiding in foreign bank accounts, just pull out your billfold…empty…well, that’s cuz the tab for that fleecing is on YOU.


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In honor of tax day, check out these corporate loopholes. And, then, send your check with a non-smiley face on the envelope to the IRS.

Ryan’s Budget: More Welfare For The Rich

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Just so we’re clear, and this bears repeating even if it is obvious, the richest people in the country are going to, once again, be the gift of more welfare-for-the-rich under the tax proposals of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan–while, just by the numbers, lower income people will get hit with a tax increase. Don’t you love this system?

A Worthy Budget

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Most of the nonsense coming from Congress about budgets — and that nonsense is particularly of a Republican Party flavor but also emanating from Democrats — touts more tax breaks and tax cuts for business. It’s entirely crazy. The one island of sanity comes from the Progressive Caucus.

That Sucking Sound? It’s The 73 Billion-Dollar Corporate Robbery of The States

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What I really like about corporate skullduggery is that at least it’s usually done with big numbers, as in billions of dollars. Nothing on the cheap (except, of course, when it comes to paying workers). In another installment of “how can we fill our coffers, pay our CEO millions of dollars and fleece the public” comes today’s news: Corporate-based America is robbing the states of billions of dollars by dodging taxes.

Camp Fail, Fail, Fail

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I know, you are shocked, shocked, shocked that the proposal from Congressman Dave Camp, the Republican chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, is awful. But, good to have the facts on exactly why.