Bernie Sanders, Champion of Tax Fairness, often “the lone voice in the Senate”

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The robbery of our money by the wealthy and corporations and the placing of a heavier tax burden on regular people is one of the key drivers of class warfare in this country. When corporations and the wealthy hide money and/or use gimmicks to avoid paying a fair share of taxes, we all end up paying more–or the basic services of a decent society collapse.

Bernie Sanders “has been the lone voice in the Senate fighting for legislation that would ensure that corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share,” according to Citizens Tax Justice, the leading voice for tax justice in the nation.

The President’s Tax Props: Relatively Meek, Pollster-Driven, Discriminatory, Long-Term Bleh

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In the midst of the Greek chorus demanding that everyone salute in awe and reverence to the tax proposals set to be unveiled in stage-managed “don’t actually look behind the curtain” fashion, it’s worth a pause to consider what these ideas mean in the big picture of class warfare and the crumbling of the country: meek stuff, clearly driven by the very Democratic/liberal pollsters who got the country into the mess in the first place by being cowards, a bit discriminatory and just long-term…bleh…