On TPP Jobs Claims, The President Gets Four Pinocchios–Biggest Fib Possible–From The Elite Media

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So, you really have to work hard at lying or fibbing or misstating the facts to get the traditional media elites to come down hard on you when it comes to so-called “Free trade”. Those elites have been cheerleaders for the rancid NAFTA-style trade deals going back three decades. But, the president has earned it when it comes to his claims about job benefits in the Trans Pacific Partnership: Four Pinocchios, considered “whoppers”, from The Washington Post

Baucus IDEAL China Ambassador: He Is Fluent In Corporate Shillism

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Really, people are being grossly unfair to Max Baucus, wondering why someone who doesn’t speak Chinese would qualify to serve as ambassador. But, c’mon people, focus on the important lingo Baucus brings to the table: it would be hard to find another Democratic elected official who speaks such fluent corporate shillism…The man has got a perfect pitch. But, there is a silver lining.

The Fear Of Speaking Truth

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Where do you start to comment when you read a piece that is, at best, deeply spineless, and, at worse, completely clueless? We cease to be surprised by the relentless foolishness on the part of the transcribers of press releases (formerly called “journalists”). But, though I am not surprised, I can’t let these things go. In this case, it’s a dumb piece called, “Standard of Living Is in the Shadows as Election Issue”.

Just When We’re Not Watching

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   It’s a full-time job–actually, five full-time jobs–to keep track of how the economic elites screw working people. Just when everyone is excited–rightly so–about the demonstrations breaking out all over …

G-20 Contradictions

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   The G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh provided what those meetings usually provide–rhetoric and not much chance. I wanted to highlight one point from the president’s press conference there: Q: Thank …

Tirade on Tire Trade

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   In our newest installment of false choices, from The Wall Street Journal: President Barack Obama’s decision to side with the United Steelworkers and impose temporary tariffs on Chinese car …

Trade and Climate

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   Trade and climate change are closely connected issues. Think just about the carbon emissions of planes and ships traversing the globe carrying stuff that we consume. I’ll come back …