Class Warfare=The Squeeze, Shaky Life And Volatility

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The steady robbery of peoples’ hard work has taken place over the past five decades, with the pace accelerating over the past twenty years. What this robbery does is basically squeeze people so hard that their lives become a shaky, volatile daily existence. Proof of the class warfare isn’t hard to find.

On Wages, The Economist Agrees

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The other day I wrote about a campaign by the International Trade Union Confederation to push the G20 to make hiking wages the cornerstone of any policy to create a sustained and healthy global economy. The Economist agrees.

A Shocker: G20 Being Told HIGHER WAGES Will Lift Global Economy. Duh.

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It never ceases to amaze me how, either because they are intentionally trying to mislead people or because they are just dumb/incompetent, “analysts” or public commentators and/or politicians profess to be flummoxed by the weak economy, the stop-and-go nature of growth and economic activity. Well, this isn’t rocket science: when you have an economy powered mostly by consumer spending and people don’t have money to spend, shit won’t get bought…is this not obvious? And that’s the message–the correct one–being delivered this week to the G20.

Wal-Mart (the president’s model company) Lies To Hike CEO Bonuses, While Cutting Workers Pay

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I wonder what the genius in the White House, who organized the president’s celebration of Wal-Mart this past week, will say now. Or was it the president who thought, “gee, Wal-Mart, now there’s a model to hold up”. Just to aid anyone who had any doubts about the kind of company the Beast of Bentonville really is, Wal-Mart is happy to effectively lie to make sure its executives get their huge bonuses.

It’s Not Wage Stagnation, It’s Wage Robbery

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You take for granted that the malevolent Koch Brother billionaires and FOX will go all out to keep robbing workers. That’s just what they do. But, a much more pernicious danger undercutting workers is the inaccurate way in which the traditional “liberal” media and a whole raft of politicians describe what has happened to wages. It’s typically referred to as “wage stagnation”. That is false: it’s wage robbery.

It Never Changes

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I have written over the years about the way in which a lot of government statistics tell us very little about how real people are doing in the economy. To wit: some talking heads and political leaders keep talking talking about a “recovery”. But, that means very little to most people — except, surprise, if you are rich.

Job Growth Wheezing

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Job growth is allegedly “steady” but unemployment increases — so said the statistics. But, here’s the thing — these stats still miss an important point.