Episode 27: 100 Days of Craziness, Bigotry and Bad Stuff

I dig into the Top 10 really bad things that have happened so far in Donald Trump’s reign, focusing on workers, and the issues we care about in the political revolution. It’s all an easy-to-understand conversation with my expert guest, Heidi Shierholz, Senior Economist and Director of Policy at the Economic Policy Institute.

I also talk about American Exceptionalism—as promised in the podcast, I’m linking to the piece I wrote here.

We wrap up with our Robber Baron of the week, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer who was just showered with another $186 million that she will pocket—after failing miserably.

BONUS!!! On a recent obsession of mine, I have a piece just posted today on the Los Angeles Times web site entitled “How a California Public Bank could fix the freeways, send kids to college and ambush Wall Street”.


Episode 26: Forget ISIS—Uber Is A Greater Threat To Your Security

Uber or Isis: Which is really a greater threat to the security of millions of people in this country, and around the world? In conversation with national taxi workers advocate Bhairavi Desai and foreign policy expert Phyllis Bennis, I make the point that, by far, the answer is Uber.

ISIS is a brutal extremist gang—whose rise, people conveniently forget, was a direct result of U.S. foreign policy—but its capability to hurt millions of people comes nowhere near the reach of Uber’s model of “corporate terrorism”, which is a threat to the standard of living of most Americans.

Our Robber Baron of the week is Rupert Murdoch.

Episode 25: The Tax Robbery: You Get Fleeced, The Elite Get Rich

Every day, it happens: the tax system puts unfair burden on the 99.9 percent while the very wealthy and big corporations pocket huge bucks…and a lot of those bucks come right out of our pockets thanks to corporate tax subsidies.

Just in time for Tax Day, I talked to three of the leading experts in the country about the tax robbery underway, which is mostly entirely legal courtesy of politicians of both parties. You’ll learn how to talk taxes to your neighbor, including how to blow up the myth that corporations pay too much, and get key tips on the ways in which the very wealthy use the tax code to get even richer.

Sticking with the theme, our Robber Barons of the week are the top 25 corporations that dodge taxes the most.

Episode 24: The Fed’s Power, The Myths of Politics

Poof! Before you noticed it, the Federal Reserve Board raised interest rates and, then, no one much talked about it, even though the Fed probably has more power over your job prospects than any politician. So, we talk about The Fed at length with long-time Fed watcher Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

I was the keynote speaker a few days ago at the Larimer (Colorado) Democratic County Committee annual dinner—as you can hear in the audio, I took on the Democratic Party’s promotion of myths and “American Exceptionalism”, and asked whether the party is really able or interested in leading the rebellion against a corrupt system.

Wrapping it all up: our Robber Baron of the week is the CEO of Peabody Coal.

Episode 23: Where Did All The Money and Jobs Go? CEOs and Domestic Outsourcing

This isn’t a surprise—CEOs are robbing the great wealth created by workers. But, I add a new wrinkle to the robbery of the people—domestic outsourcing. Yup, you got it. Not jobs running to slave-wage countries but jobs vanishing within the borders of the country.

And our Robber Baron of the week, for a second time, is Wells Fargo.

Episode 22: A $54 Billion Strangeloveian Kiss Because The Pentagon Needs More Toys.

Who cares if old people go hungry if the military-industrial complex can celebrate, right? That’s basically the upshot of Trump throwing a $54 billion increase the Pentagon’s way—even if there is no clear idea what to do with the money, it’s champagne time for the war machine.

I go in-depth with two experts on this insanity. And, keeping with the theme of the podcast, our Robber Baron of the week is the CEO of Lockheed who is happy to make millions off the war machine while regular people go without food and water is polluted.

Episode 21: “Make America Sick Again”–Or How Republicans Feel Just Fine If You Get Sick And Die

24 million. Big number. The number of people who will be added to the ranks of those who have no health care coverage. More people will be sicker. More people will go bankrupt. More people will die. I go deep into the “Make America Sick Again” bill, also known as the repeal of Obamacare, and give answers to the key questions about what all this means, with some help from a top national expert from the AARP. Our Robber Baron for this week is the CEO of Uber.

BONUS!!!: A short piece I wrote for CNN.com after the release of the CBO report…“Why GOP health plan is immoral”.

Episode 20: Undocumented Immigrants: Our Neighbors, Our Community & Our Wealth

The numbers and the passion show it: undocumented immigrants, the vast majority of whom have lived in the country for over a decade, are part of the fabric of communities everywhere. I speak with one expert, Lisa Christensen Gee of the Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy, who tallied up the billions of dollars undocumented immigrants contribute to every local economy.

I also caught up with a friend from the Bernie Sanders campaign trail, Cesar Vargas, a national leader for immigrant rights who is not only a bar-admitted lawyer but lives his activist and professional life with undocumented status himself.

And we wrap up crowning Paul Ryan and his gang Robber Barons of the week for their putrid proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which will make millions of people sicker and cause people to die because they can’t afford health care coverage.

Episode 19: The DNC Motto: To Hell With the Iceberg, It’s The Russians Fault!!!

Forget the election for chair of the Democratic National Committee. The most astonishing part of the debate at the recent DNC big meeting in Atlanta was…there was no real debate. Or, when there was, it wasn’t to be honest about the crisis in the party. Nope—it was either to accuse the Russians or to defeat a move to ban corporate money from the party. Woohoo!

So, to hell with that: I spoke with three people—the founder of the #DemEnter movement; a Bernicrat who is now a Democratic state party chair after running a campaign against the insiders; and, I welcomed back Nina Turner to give her take on the DNC meeting and the future.

Our Robber Barons of the week hail from the media industry.

BONUS! I wrote a piece for The Hill newspaper called, “Will Tom Perez bring the real change the Democratic Party needs?”

Episode 18: Looking For A Leader and A Message, Democrats Head For Showdown In Atlanta

Democrats will know this Saturday who is tapped as head of the party. But, will the party figure out what’s wrong with its pitch to voters? I talk with linguistics guru George Lakoff, who a decade ago began pushing the party to understand how voters’ brains really work.  And for those of you who want to dig deeper into what George and I talked about, check out his longer explanation here.

I also catch up with Christine Quinn, yet another high-profile former supporter of Hillary Clinton who has just endorsed Keith Ellison.

And after a crushing loss by unions trying to organize Boeing’s plant in South Carolina, we anoint the company’s CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, our Robber Baron of the week.

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