Episode 70: Forget ISIS. Amazon Is The (Economic) Terrorist To Fear

ISIS poses virtually no threat to you in your home. The same can’t be said for Amazon. Amazon really is an economic terrorist. That’s what I spend most of the podcast this week digging into—after laying out the picture of the sorry spectacle of cities and states begging Amazon to locate its new headquarters in one of their communities, I turn to economic and tax experts who explain the fraudulent claims Amazon repeatedly makes about what a great job creator the company is and, then, how Amazon engages in relentless tax dodging.

I also check in with Tom Guild, a progressive Democrat running for Congress in conservative Oklahoma’s 5th District. Our Robber Baron of the week, appropriately, is Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos.

Episode 69: A 28 Hour Work Week? Plus: Progressive Candidates Running in California and North Carolina.

In Germany, the most powerful union in the country just secured the rights of workers to opt for a—get this!–28-hour workweek. I give us the details.

And, then, I talk with two progressive candidates—Michael Bracamontes who is running for governor in California and Jenny Marshall who is looking to capture a House seat in North Carolina.

Our Robber Baron is the CEO of PG&E.

Episode 68: Exposing The Political Termites At Work; Mental Clinicians Beat Back Kaiser

I love this description of the people burrowing deep inside government agencies to screw the people: political termites. And it comes courtesy of investigative journalist David Cay Johnston who returns to the podcast to discuss with me his new book, “It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What The Trump Administration Is Doing To America”.

I also chat with two union organizers—Sal Rosselli and Clem Papazian–who have helped tame hospital giant Kaiser Permanente in an organizing campaign that has lessons for labor.

Lastly, I give a preview of the upcoming release of CEO-to-worker pay ratios, which will shine a light on the greed in the executive suites

Episode 67: The Global Super-Wealthy Motto–Get Rich While Millions Die

The super-wealthy keep getting richer and, while they are human beings, they just don’t seem to care how many people die or go hungry while billionaires party on.

That’s the only conclusion you can come to after reading a new stunning report about global wealth and inequality out from Oxfam–and I delve into the report with Oxfam’s Paul O’Brien.

I also chat with Katie Hill, a progressive candidate running for the House seat in California’s 25th District.

Our Robber Baron of the week is Home Depot co-founder Bernard Marcus.

Episode 66: Uber & Lyft Are Bad, Bad Companies; Big Union Win At The LATimes!

Yeah, I get it: you like Uber and Lyft because it’s the “new thing” in the app-centered corporate world. But, know this: Uber and Lyft are very bad corporate actors, stomping around the country, using right-wing, anti-consumer, anti-union tactics, to trash fundamental rights in every state—as I learn from Rebecca Smith, co-author of an incredible study about the nefarious tactics the two companies use.

I also circle back to hear the voice of joy of Carolina Miranda, in the wake of a smashing victory in the union organizing effort she helped lead at the Los Angeles Times.

In our last segment, I chat up Derrick Crowe, a progressive candidate running for Congress in Texas’s 21st District.

Our Robber Baron is Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan who wants to make poor people even poorer.

Episode 65: Fifty Years Later, Racism Is Deeply Embedded In The Economic System; Michigan and California Progressives Run

Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, just after he had marched on behalf of striking sanitation workers. Today, racism is still a defining characteristic of the economic system, which is what I and Janelle Jones of the Economic Policy Institute discuss in our lead segment.

I, then, visit with two progressive Congressional candidates, one in California and the other in Michigan.

Our Robber Baron is—once again—Wal-Mart and the Walton family.

BONUS: On the topic of Wal-Mart, see my CNN.com recent CNN.com piece, “Why Wal-Mart’s Bait and Switch Matters”

Episode 64: Progressives Reach For the Governor’s Mansion, And a Heartland Seat in Congress

I continue my on-going chats with solid progressive candidates all across the country. I chat with Abdul El-Sayed, who is vying in Michigan to be the first Muslim-American elected as governor in the history of the country. And from south-eastern Indiana, Dan Canon tells me why he jumped into a congressional race despite being, in his words, the most non-politician you could find.

Our Robber Baron of the week is Big Pharma CEO Jeffrey Marrazzo.

Episode 63: Putting A Hole In GOP Tax Scam; A Union Rising At The L.A. Times; A Progressive Runs in Iowa

Republicans tried all sorts of tricks in their tax scam bill to target taxpayers in Democratic states, including messing with the deduction for local and state income and property taxes…except we’re smarter than they are—at least Dean Baker is. As I find out in my chat with him, Dean has found a way to keep the deductions in a round-about way—and he explains the idea that is catching fire around the nation.

For decades, the Los Angeles Times has been viciously anti-union when it came to journalists who might want a union at the newspaper—but that may all change within two weeks thanks to a union election that starts tomorrow. Jonathan gets all the latest from Times reporter and union supporter Carolina Miranda.

We also visit with Austin Frerick who is running for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District. Our Robber Baron is Home Depot CEO Craig Menear.

Episode 62: West-to-East, Arizona to New Hampshire, Progressives Put On Candidate Hats

We’re not resting in the low-key week between Xmas and the New Year. I chat up Marcus Ferrell, who was Bernie Sanders’ main man organizing African American voters, who is now in the fray himself, running for a state house seat in Arizona.

And across the country from sunny Arizona, over in the much chillier temps of New Hampshire, I hear from progressive union leader and Bernie delegate Mark MacKenzie who is vying for the nod in a Democratic primary in the 1st Congressional District.

Our Robber Baron is UK CEO Jeff Fairburn.

Episode 61: IronStache! The Man Who Will Take Down Paul Ryan; The Billions Stolen From Workers Pay

Even Paul Ryan, the odious Speaker of the House, is in the electoral crosshairs and has a good shot at losing in the 2018 midterm elections. The man who is up to the task is Randy Bryce, better known in the Twitterverse as @ironstache. Randy joins me for a talk about politics, his campaign and the people he is seeking to give a voice in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District.

Looked at your paycheck recently? There is a decent chance the boss has stolen some money from you because billions are stolen from workers every year—as I explain with the help of Marni Von Wilpert of the Economic Policy Institute. Our Robber Baron is Bob Iger of Disney.


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